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Plant Health

One of the greatest rewards working at Make It Green is the challenge and enjoyment we get from troubleshooting your plant problems. Just like all living things, plants have problems. There are many types of plant problems including diseases, insects, poor nutrition, animal damage, bad location/planting/soil conditions, pollution, non-helpful human intervention (my neighbor told me to do that!) and unusual weather. We have several horticulturists on staff who thoroughly enjoy diagnosing these conditions and recommending organic treatments (if required) for plants with issues. If you have a problem plant then please bring in a sample. Pictures can often help in making a correct diagnosis. If you are unable to get to the store then email us a picture with a description and we'll take it from there. Most problems have a simple and inexpensive (or free) solution if spotted early enough. All of our approaches to improving plant health focus on least impact methods. We feel it is always better to discourage a pest or encourage a pest predator then to blindly spray and 'nuke' everything in site.