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Turf Revolution Bio Weed and Feed

Some competitors have offered a non-licensed, ‘watered down’ version of Corn Gluten with various fillers added or Corn Gluten which lacks the essential protein that makes the product work. The corn gluten sold under the brands Turfmaize and Turf Revolution are at least 98% pure corn gluten. For fall 2015 we are pleased to be able to sell our 20kg bags at $59.99 each. 20kg will treat approx. 2200 square feet (200 square meters). This product has become quite expensive in recent years so its great to be able to offer it at a price similar to what we charged 5 years ago. The fall wholesale price on 9kg bags is over-the-top, at $35 each, so we are not selling this size at this time. We are selling Green it Liquid Bio-herbicide (liquid corn gluten from Environmental Factor - the same people who brought us Turfmaize). A 2L (hose-end attachment) bottle covers 2000 square feet and sells for $32.99. Corn Gluten is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic weed control products (now banned in Ontario). Corn Gluten is a product which is best applied in early spring once the lawn can be safely walked on (the ground doesn’t feel spongy) and late summer/early fall before the weather cools and the weeds germinate. The city of Ottawa's website also suggests an early summer application. Need a spreader? Make It Green will lend you one (free) as long as you are applying organic products. For more information on Turfmaize please visit