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At Make It Green we offer installation services for trees, shrubs and perennials.

Our installation crews are well trained and follow strict guidelines when planting. Poor planting is the most frequent cause of death for plants, especially evergreens. Our planting charges are from $50 to $200 for container grown trees depending on pot size. Caliper trees (wire basket) run from $150 to $300 (most are $200) depending on the size of the basket. Shrubs are $25 for the first and $15 for each additional, in previously prepared beds (these are the same rates we had in 1996 when we opened). Perennials are $15 for the first and $10 for each additional 1 gallon or more sized pot.

We are more than happy to quote on large sized installations. Please note that we have found it is best for trees to be planted in the soil found when digging the hole. They will do a better job of rooting and have better long term health when planted in the original soil. We also don't encourage staking for your tree as that develops a dependency much like a crutch in a human. We only recommend staking for high wind or moderately unstable (such as sloping) conditions. Staking charges are $30 each stake and of course, include all necessary hardware. We add bonemeal and mycorrhizal fungi when we plant your tree to encourage root growth and lessen transplant shock. Trees and shrubs planted by Make It Green carry a warranty for up to five years.