Make It Green Garden Center

We are expecting to deliver most days of the week, primarily in the evening. To aid in our capacity to deliver in a timely manor we will establish specific delivery days for each region. Delivery can often be scheduled for other days with some advance notice. Delivery charges are based on the distance from the garden centre and may also be impacted by the nature of the cargo. Extra fees will be charged for items such as bagged soil, stone or mulch ($2.00 per bag). If more than one trip is required due to the size or weight of the load then additional charges will apply. Additional charges will apply if you leave items on our lot for more than 30 days. Delivery service is curbside/driveway only unless the location is easily accessible by truck and trailer. Additional charges will apply for moving delivered items to a location other than that which is accessible by truck.

For 2022 we have adjusted our rates to reflect current fuel prices. If fuel costs change significantly then we will adjust our rates accordingly. Each area on the map will have a specific rate assigned to it. The formula used to determine this rate will be $30.00 + $4.00 per kilometer and a central point in each area will be used to determine the average distance for the whole area. Before you compare the cost of delivery to the cost of a pizza delivery please remember that the utmost care must be taken with each live item during delivery. We will take every precaution with your purchase and deliver it in the same condition as when you bought it (very few pizza deliveries require a 16' trailer). Please respect social distancing with regards to our drivers!